Feed-In Tariff (FIT)


We understand that the FiT is new, and heres a list of commonly asked questions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : What is the minimum age to apply for a Feed-in Approval (FiA)?
A : 21 years old.

Q : I’m not a Malaysian, can I apply for the FiA?
A : Yes, a foreigner or a permanent resident of at least 21 years of age are eligible to apply.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of FiA application that can be made by a person?
A : Yes. Every individual is only allowed a maximum of 2 FiAs, each limited to 12kWp.

Q : Can I use the electricity generated to power appliances in my home?
A : Yes, you can. But if your home has incoming supply from TNB, we recommend that all the electricity generated by the system be sold to TNB at the premium FiT rate.

Q : What happens if I sell the premise or move after getting the FiA? Is there any penalty?
A : You can transfer the Feed-in Approval to the new owner with the same tariff and remaining effective period or surrender the FiA without penalty.

Q : Do I need to be the property owner to apply?
A : No, but you need to produce an agreement with the owner granting you the permission to install a PV system at the premise and to apply for FiT throughout the FiA effective period.

Q : Does the solar system generate power on a rainy day?
A : Yes it does, although it would give a lower yield compared to a sunny day. The PV system generates power even with small amounts of dispersed sunlight during the day.

Q : Why does financing increase my return on investment?
A : Financing your solar PV system would result in lower capital employed (cash), bringing about higher returns per Ringgit spent.

Q : Is the Renewable Energy Power Purchasing Agreement secure?
A : Yes it is very secure. It is a stamped legal document signed with TNB of which they agree to purchase your power at a premium rate for the next 21 years.

Q: What are the maintenance involved with a Solar PV System?
A: Our maintenance information can be found here

Q: How does it look with a PV System Installed?
A: Our project references can be found here

Here’s an overview of applicable monthly Feed-in Tariff income in Malaysia for 2013 with different installed capacities at home, and a quick comparison if a financing option is taken up with one of our financing partners.


PV System

21yrs FiT Income per month

10yrs Monthly Repayment
to Bank

Return On Investment




5 years



3 years



4 years



3 years



2 years


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